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CIRI (Construction Industry Register Ireland)

JD Scaffolding become one of the first CIRI (Construction Industry Register Ireland) scaffolding contractors in the country.


What is CIRI?

CIRI is a new resource to help all those who wish to engage competent construction companies, practitioners and builders.  This is the only register of construction companies, sole traders and builders that are vetted by Government nominees and industry professionals.  CIRI has been set up to help members of the public find competent, experienced construction practitioners.

Who set up CIRI?

The Government asked the CIF to set up the register. Before the register, there was no way for the public or Irish businesses to check on the credentials of a construction company or sole trader.  It resulted in some poor examples of construction work which have reflected badly on the entire construction industry and have impacted on the public, Irish businesses and the rest of Irish society. The register will provide a platform to the public and others to distinguish the credentials of registered construction practitioners from those not on the register. They will know those construction companies and sole traders on the register have committed to the correct health and safety standards, recognize their obligations to the latest building standards and regulations and are tax compliant.

Everyone on the register has also undertaken to abide by the register’s code of ethics and commitments. It will highlight those who follow best practice. This is the only register that is being supported by the Government.  There will be Government nominees on the Construction Industry Registration Board (CIRB).  The Government asked the CIF to set up this register and they are expected to put it on a statutory footing in 2015.

For further information, please check up CIRI’s website


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